Bonuses at Online Casinos

Everyone loves gifts, promotions, and everything that contributes to their budget. That’s why casinos offer bonuses to players. These bonuses have three leading roles:

  • The first is to bring new players to the casino site.
  • In the case of players already registered, but inactive for some time, bonuses or free credit reactivates them and tempts them to bet again.
  • Any casino wants to keep its customers, which is why the bonuses offered from time to time to active players keep them playing and turn them into loyal customers.

Bonus Types

The bonuses offered by casinos usually divide into several categories. The first type of bonus is the welcome package. It usually consists of free spins on specific slots and a bonus amount of money depending on the casino offer. Another type of bonus is the deposit bonus. It can be granted at the first deposit, at the second deposit, or in general, when the player is making a deposit. Depending on the offer, and up to a specific limit, the bonus can be 100% match on deposit, 200%, 300%, and so on.

Also, each casino has its offers and promotions. Thus, when a new slot is added, to promote it, the casino offers all players a bonus in the form of free spins or bonus money. Even if the casino bonuses are consistent and the promotions are generous in favor of the players, it is not easy to convert the bonus money into real money. This is because casinos impose specific requirements for claiming the winnings obtained from bonus money or free spins. The most common operating conditions require a 30x or 40x money roll, depending on the respective offer. Therefore, before the promotion of bonuses and bonus money, it is good for the player to make sure that the operating conditions are reasonable and achievable.